Our behavior change consultancy can guide you towards a new path of success and fulfillment.


Our behavior change consultancy services include coaching, data measurement and interpretation, initiative analysis, change program implementation, and reinforcement approaches for individuals and organizations.

Behavior Change Coaching for Leaders

Our consultancy services focus on coaching and guiding managers and executives through behavior change processes in their organizations. Emphasis is placed on the process, enabling them to achieve lasting results without requiring them to be experts in the field.

Behavior Change Measurement & Analysis

Measure behavior change, analyze data, interpret and determine targeted interventions for teams, departments, regions, or entire organizations. Benefit from 20 years of experience working with hundreds of companies across industries and cultures.

Optimizing Behavior Change Strategies

With over two decades of experience collaborating with a wide range of organizations across diverse industries and cultures, we specialize in analyzing and reporting on current behavior change initiatives. Our aim is to identify any potential missing links and establish coherence among different initiatives, enhancing synergy to achieve sustainable behavior change.

Anchoring Change Through Reinforcement

Maximize your investments in behavior change with our expertise in reinforcement, utilizing over 1015 programs and experience with more than 365 clients worldwide. Have a Reinforcement expert at your side — without shouldering the full-time salary this expertise typically requires. Working with your team to effectively anchor behavior change within your organization, ensuring your investments in time and money are maximized.


Collaborative Approach to Lasting Behavior Change

Our way of working as a behavior change consultant is focused on collaboration and achieving lasting results. We believe in making ourselves redundant by transferring knowledge and experience to our clients, teaching them how to fish instead of just giving them the fish. We are committed to success and remain available as a point of contact for ongoing support.

Our approach is not based on tracking hours, but rather on focusing on what is necessary to achieve the desired outcomes. We value efficiency and strive to make the most of our collective resources, whether through remote or in-person sessions.

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