The 7 Principles of Behavior Change

Anthonie Wurth’s Behavior Change method is rooted in a deep understanding of the science of human behavior. It is a careful and deliberate process that involves designing interventions to create lasting behavior change. The method recognizes that behavior change is not easy and involves breaking old habits and forming new ones. It involves identifying the underlying factors that drive behavior and designing interventions that address those factors. The result is a method that is effective, efficient, and can create lasting and meaningful change in individuals and organizations.

For over 20 years, our proven method has helped 365 companies across more than 100 countries.
This method simplifies complex behavior change with a step-by-step approach that is easy to understand and implement.
Support the three phases of lasting change: Foundation, Engagement, and Sustainment.
Principles to
create Lasting
Behavior Change
Repetitions to
establish a new
behavior pattern
Weeks for the
behavior to
become solidify
Phases to change
behavior effectively

Leaders and behavior Change – a perfect fit?

This e-book delves into the impact of leaders on behavior change and offers insights and key questions to improve their performance. Through a global survey, readers can develop their own action plan for positive impact. Anthonie acknowledges that many leaders are unaware of their impact and aims to provide honest and direct guidance, never beating around the bush.The e-book aims to help the industry collaboratively tackle the difficult challenge of behavior change within organizations.

The survey was completed by 403 corporate leaders from across the globe.
This report is filled with valuable insights on each of its 35+ pages.
The research involved 15 different industries in total.

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