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Empower your organization with a behavior change program that drives meaningful and lasting behavior change, allowing employees to direct their own development, while being kept on track through ongoing reinforcement. This frees managers to focus on easily accessible and insightful data, monitor progress and outcomes and intervene if needed.

Building DE&I Capacity

DE&I Behavior Change Program

The DE&I behavior program is designed to promote behavior change through three phases: the Foundation phase, which provides focus; the Engagement phase, which supports commitment; and the Sustainment phase, which ensures application. The program offers a comprehensive approach to learning, using videos to provide participants with a deep understanding of the process. It also includes short video materials to guide employees through the details and worksheets at each step of the change process.


In addition to the sustainment phase, the program initiates a specialized DE&I reinforcement program via social media. For nine weeks, participants will receive behavior change challenging questions from a dedicated reinforcement manager to encourage progress. The program tracks progress and automatically converts it into actionable management insights, which are displayed on a dashboard for easy monitoring and support.

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Discover how the DE&I behavior change program can bring positive impact to your organization, increase employee engagement, and minimize disruption for your workforce.

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